2017/2018 MCP Board Candidates

Pat Myers has been an active member of and a positive Ambassador for MCP since 1989. She has acted, directed, served on the Board of Governors, participated in various projects (including Director Training), committees and special events and currently serves on the TFC and the Wardrobe committees. ”I believe I have contributed to the on-going growth and improvements at MCP and would like to be an active part of planning for the future. It is important to understand our history… as we plan to move ahead … so we build on what we have accomplished so far. I am a team player, one who listens to and respects individuals, ideas and opinions. I believe I can be an asset to the MCP Board of Governors and am asking for your support.”

Prior to a 12 year hiatus, to raise a family, April Martinez, was very active in theatre, playing lead and supporting roles in both MCP and MHS productions. She reemerged in 2016’s Annie and, this season, has played two lead roles, directed My Funny Valentine, ushered, assisted with costumes and hosted Season Celebration. “My professional experience gives me a unique window into what our senior patrons wants in their community theatre, while my age and my children give me a great perspective on what younger generations are looking for, and how to reach them. I have a vibrant energy and am a hard worker with great attention to detail. I believe these qualities and my exuberance for Magic Circle would make me a great addition to the Board.”

Misty Walker’s Magic Circle experience began 11 years ago in the 2006 production of Jesus Christ Superstar. Since then she has played a variety of roles in many shows, including Patrons’ Night events and Director’s Workshops. She has helped with sound, lights, celebration planning and ushering and this season will be expanding her experiences, serving as an assistant director. “In the last year, my family has become involved with (Magic Circle).  Not only has it been wonderful to share my love for the theater with my family, it has also allowed me to invest more time into Magic Circle. I feel that my positive attitude and hardworking nature along with my experiences professionally, personally and at the theatre could be a great asset and bring some unique perspectives to the Board”.

David Olson has been active with Magic Circle for 11 years. While David has been primarily active on the stage, he has volunteered as a set builder; assistant directed twice and directed Rabbit Hole in March 2016. He has served on the Board of Governors and was President before resigning due to out of state job obligations. “I am retiring from my Montrose medical practice this month, which will give me more time to pursue activities like Magic Circle. I look forward to, once again, being in a position to serve the theatre as a member of the Board of Governors”.