The Magic Circle Players Board of Governors award five types of awards, which are defined below.

The following list of past awardees is based on historical records; if your name is missing please help us update our records!

Betty Dustin Spiro Award

Award to honor outstanding person(s) on stage, who also support the theatre in other ways.

Past winners: Tom Chamberlain, Bob Dietrich, Don Barnett, Bill Bottomly, Nancy Malone, Nancy Ballantyne, Pat Myers, Amy Nelp, Sandy Lundberg, Cheryl Capshaw, David Olson, Bethany Ward

Marguerite Lathrop Award

Award to honor person(s) whose main contribution is not on stage but rather behind the scenes.

Past winners: Elmer Gross, Bob DeJulio, Shirley Simpson, Meredyth Dickerson, Tammy Theis, Doris Chamberlain, Barbara Bourke, Patti Thomas, Ron Robertson, Carol McDermott, Shawni Rangel, Ruth Janzen

Matthew Gann Youth Appreciation Award

Award to honor a youth no older than a high school graduate (including the following summer) who participated and contributed in various Magic Circle Players activities both on and offstage.

Past winners: Caisa Sanburg, Cody Davis, Chance Jacob, JD Jacob, Samantha Mitchell, Jamie Gann, Eli Halterman, Emily Capshaw, John David Gann, Coral Dietrich, Daniel Rowan, Niko Nelson, Everett Gregory, Jamie Ila

Ralph Farmer Technical Award

Award to honor person(s) whose main contribution is in technical area (lights, sound, etc.)

Past winners: Bob Theis, Joann Sanburg, Alan Bowers, Jim Frank, Devon Gordon, Cokey Stapleton, Bethany Ward, Joe Hadden, Kim Althoff, Tami McKay

Special Star Award

Award to honor exceptional support of Magic Circle Players by a patron, corporate sponsor or member of the general public.

Past winners: Don Moreland, Joe and Kathy Goecke, Steve Woody, Scott’s Printing, Mary Dietrich, TEI Rock Drills, Jim Kerschner, Bill Cunningham & Karen Arnold

Lifetime Achievment Award

Past winners: Paul and Meredyth Dickerson, Glenn and Shirley Simpson, Gerre Nash, Don Barnett, Merrilee Robertsom, Tricia Dickinson