by W. S. Gilbert & Arthur Sullivan

Opens May 2018

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Gilbert and Sullivan’s most popular show, The Pirates of Penzance, is a rollicking, delightfully funny tale of a band of soft-tempered pirates. Mistakenly apprenticed to a pirate at the age of eight, the handsome Frederic is now 21 and, though quite fond of the pirates, chooses to abandon his profession and “lead a blameless life henceforth,” dedicating himself instead to their eradication.His “blameless life” collides with of a gaggle of beautiful maidens (one of whom steals his heart) and their father, the eccentric Major General. Just as Frederic is ready to lead a band of lily-livered policemen to take out the Pirate King and his men, a secret is uncovered that will change his fate forever.

Directed by Jane Pierrepont


November 13th and 14th at 6:30 pm (Please complete this form in advance)

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