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March – June 2018




In February 2002, the newsletter held a special announcement: “ The MCP Board of Governors recently approved a proposal by Jo Anne Sandburg to establish a season of theatre with children as its main audience! Not to be confused with the Summer Program (Drama Camp) in which children take classes and do the performing, this regular season Theatre for Children, is acted by adults, with an emphasis on scripts to interest and involve children. We are really excited about this new endeavor, which we hope will capture the interest and imagination of children, who are our future – and the parents who want to share theatre with them!” And, so Magic Circle Players, Theatre for Children On Stage was born. Early productions were directed by Jo Anne Sandburg, Pat Myers, Nancy Ballantyne and Cheryl Capshaw. December 2003, Carol Hight, the newsletter editor wrote, “We are in our fourth season of Theatre for Children. The original concept was to have adults perform plays for children. We now have adults and all ages of young people performing in our TFC productions. This gives the young people great opportunities to learn theatre techniques and act. If you think kids don’t want to be actors you should come to auditions and see how many kids are there.” With a passion to see more kids given the opportunity to act, Lisa Rediger , had the idea to produce large musicals acted by children for children audiences and 32 actors, aged 10 -18 were cast in Disney’s Aladdin JR in 2102. Theatre for Children produces an on stage show each year the first week of June; we sometimes have all adult casts, a mix of adults and youth and sometimes all children. But it is always show for our very important audience –CHILDREN.