TFC TravelsCall for interest

We would like to extend an invitation to you to participate! We need a director and actors interested in auditioning. If you want a performance experience that doesn’t have the strenuous requirements of a full length production, you have availability in the fall, you like elementary children and children’s literature AND would like to be part of extending a theatre experience to a captive audience, please contact us.


In February 2004 it was announced, “THEATRE FOR CHILDREN GOES ON THE ROAD! There will be an exciting addition to the upcoming 2004 -2005 Theatre for Children season when TFC hits the road and performs a delightful short play in RE-1J district elementary schools. Anyone with flexible daytime hours, an interest in performing for over 2600 people and a desire to make Theatre for Children Travels a reality should contact Nancy Ballantyne.”  This call has gone out every year since and we have expanded our audiences to include the private schools in Montrose County and we have done performances in Gunnison and Ridgway and Ouray elementary schools. Magic Circle Players, Theatre for Children Travels is bringing the joy of a live theatre experience to every child in the Montrose school district. 

For twelve years, the TFC Travel Show has performed each fall at local elementary schools. We perform a 30 minute play, cast and directed by Magic Circle Players’ volunteers, to give the joy of a live theatre experience to children who may not otherwise have the opportunity. We generally rehearse through the month of August and start performances after Labor Day; performances are scheduled on Thursdays and/or Fridays each week through the first week of October. We do two performances at each of the public schools. We are always warmly welcomed at the schools, so it is a wonderful theatre experience.