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This is a musical comedy about a group of venerable ladies and a few gentlemen living at The Sussex Arms, a run-down and dispirited senior citizens’ hotel in New York City, slated to be sold to developers. While there is no lack of humor or courage or willingness to save their home, there is a lack of money. With determination and a few tricks up their sleeves, they pull off a sensational first“caper”; the excitement of the heist has the gang fumble through just enough robberies needed to save their home.


Becky Northey Lorraine (Piano)
Amy Priest Roxie (Piano)
Ruth Jantzen Melba
Corie Smith Fritzi
Pat Myers Gert
Ron Robertson Walter
Shawni Rangel Eunice
Dave Olson Harry
Barbara Kastellic Ida
Nathaniel McCay Eddie
Cynthia Hight Sadie
Ginny Spaven Mrs. McIllehenny
Nick Hoppner Mr. McIllehenny
Mary Redmond Edna Whittaker
Don Barnett Marvin Whittaker
Jowelene Haddock Old lady with the dog
Peggy Erickson Grandmother
Jason McCay Callahan
Bob Allyn Kowalski
Chris McDonald Bloomingdales Woman
Greg Davidson Minister
Tim Cavanaugh, Ryan Hyle, Jason McCay, Greg Davidson Security Guards
Bob Allyn Night Watchman
Greg Davidson Minister
Jim Hougnon, Jeannie Hougnon, Lynda Finch, Raquel Thompson, Noalani Terry Residents


Director – Merrilee Farmer Robertson

Assistant Director – Mary Dietrich

Music Director-Greg Davidson

Choreographer-Chris Boyce

Stage Manager-Stasia Allyn

Production Coordinator-Shawni Rangel