by Tim Firth

January 2018


In the small town of Knapely, England, Annie Clarke has just lost her husband to leukemia. Wanting to provide a new sofa for the hospital’s family room in his memory, her best friend, Chris Harper, decides to raise money by selling a calendar that is slightly different from their usual fundraising projects. Now she needs only to convince 11 middle-aged women to pose nude and to find a photographer they trust to make it a work of art. Based on the true story of a group of extraordinary women whose charitable ventures become a global phenomenon and the fastest-selling play in British theatre history, Calendar Girls, is quirky, poignant and hilarious.

Directed by Kathy Murdoch and Amy Nelp


Chris Ruthie Rich
Annie KC Pollak
Cora Nanci Cox
Ruth Brenda Joyce Coda
Celia Jill Vincent
Marie Sandy Lundberg
Jessie Rachel Krute
Lady Cravenshire Pat Myers
John Peter Ambrose
Rod Scott Pollak
Brenda Hulse Misty Walker
Elaine  Misty Walker
Lawrence Chris Walsh
Liam Everett Gregory