Director: Tom ChamberlinManOfLaMancha_WEBONLY

Assistant Director: Sandy Lundberg


Miguel de Cervantes and his manservant have been thrown into a dungeon by the Spanish Inquisition. Their fellow prisoners attack them and set up a mock trial. In his defense Cervantes offers up a play. They are drawn into the tales of Cervantes’ classic character, Don Quixote, the knight-errant who tilts at windmills and champions a harlot whom he sees as the fair maiden Dulcinea. His poignant tale is the story of Everyman’s adventure, of Everyman’s Impossible Dream.


Miguel de Cervantes (Don Quixote, Alonso Quijana) Rob Hunter
Manservant (Sancho) Romeo (Meo) Icasiano
Captain of the inquisition Bob Allyn
Roles taken by the prisoners:
Aldonza (Dulcinea) Jessica Kastendieck
Governor (Innkeeper) Peter Ambrose
Duke (Dr. Sanson Carrasco, Knight of the Mirrors Dalyn Pearson
Maria (Inkeeper’s Wife) Amy Priest
Antonia (Alonso’s Neice, Dr. Carrasco’s Fiancee) Melanie Storter
Fermina (A Serving Gir, Moorl) Annette Hunter
Housekeeper (for Alonso) Rhonda Parker
Padre Doug Martin
Barber (Moor) Nate Cretti
Moorish Attendant Allyson Connally
Pedro (Muleteer) Jim Hougnon
Anselmo (Muleteer) Tony Roberts
Jose (Muleteer) Steve Gillis
Tenorio (Muleteer) John Reick
Paco (Muleteer) Ron Robertson
Juan (Muleteer, Moor) Steve Warner
Muleteer with guitar Ken Chenevert
Prisoner 1 (Knights Attendant, Guard) Daniel Kellener
Prisoner 2 (Knights Attendant, Guard) Kody Branshaw
Prisoner 3 (Horse, Moorish Dancer) Corie Smith
Prisoner 4 (Burro) Jayde Truscott