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Based on Gaston Leroux’s novel, Phantom is the timeless, star-crossed love story of the phantom; disfigured musical genius Erik, and his muse, Christine, the ingénue of the Paris Opera. Their musical affair unfolds deep in the catacombs of the Paris Opera House where Erik finds salvation in Christine’s breathtaking voice.  Phantom materializes into the story of a man who has both beauty and ugliness in his soul. The New York Times says “This mesmerizing Phantom is traditional musical theatre in the finest sense”.





The Phantom Dalyn Pearson
Christine Daee Bethany Ward
The Count De Chandon Niko Nelson
Gerard Carriere Jeff Nelp
Alain Cholet George Crosby
La Carlotta Allyson Crosby
Inspector Ledoux Jim Hougnon
Jean-Claude Jim Frank
Belladova Chiara Degenhardt
Young Carriere Kody Bradshaw
Young Erik Brennain Degenhardt
Opera Diva Katie Anderson
Joseph Buquet Kim Redman
Fleure Shayna Grammer/ Samantha Stone
Flora Loren Tipping
Florence Corie Smith
Minister of Culture Kevin Cohenour
   Cheryl Capshaw Breanna Kemming
   Jon Capshaw Taylor Kirman
   Brian Degenhardt Carol Mulvaney
   Aysha Horn Jordan Rediger
   Charlotte Heath Mary Redmond
   Jeannie Hougnon Samantha Stone
   Kathleen Harris Micah Thole
   Jason Thole

Production Crew

Director – Kathy Murdoch
Assistant Director – Sandy Lundburg
Assistant Director/Choreographer – Amy Nelp
Music Director – Gregory Davidson
Production Coordinator – Ruth Jantzen
Costumes: Missy Siders
Stage Manger – Kim Redman