Rabbit Hole


March 11, 2016 and runs for 3 weekends


by David Lindsay-Abaire

David Lindsay-Abaire, known for his deft, often quirky characterizations and realistic dialogue, won the 2007 Pulitzer Prize in drama for Rabbit Hole. In this slice-of-life play, he explores something all of us have experienced—the loss of a loved one and how we cope with that. In Rabbit Hole, each of the five characters approaches the situation differently, and their interactions with each other in their daily lives “turn the cube” to examine their coping mechanisms from all angles. Simultaneously hilarious and touching, the dialogue is spot-on and contemporary, and every audience member will relate to it in some way.

Directed by Dr. Dave Olsen


Becca Corbett — Felicia Sabartinelli

Howie Corbett — Troy Lee

Izzy — Reymi Kidder

Nat — Rachel Krute

Jason Willette — Evan Dollarhide

Other Information

The play contains plenty of “modern” language, which means profanity of just about every type.