Souvenir, A Fantasia on the Life of Florence Foster Jenkins

September 11-26, 2015



Souvenir is a comedy based on the real life story of Florence Foster Jenkins, a wealthy society eccentric who suffered under the delusion that she was a great operatic soprano when, in fact, she could not sing two co

nsecutive notes in tune. Nonetheless, in 1944 she sold out Carnegie Hall in two hours. The story, by turns hilarious and poignant, is told through the eyes of Cosme McMoon, Florence’s accompanist, a talented musician who at first sees Florence only as a meal ticket. More than a biography, this story is one of real friendship and affection. You won’t want to miss this laugh-out-loud funny show.


Cosme McMoon David Olson
Florence Foster Jenkins Jane Pierrepont
Director M. A. Smith
Asst. Director & Music Director Bethany Ward
Production Coordinator Rachel Krute
Lighting Kat Govan
Sound Merrilee Robertson
Set Construction Bob Dietrich
Costumes Mary Dietrich
Props Jim Isler, Tony Roberts