The Last Lifeboat

January 15-31, 2016

Last Lifeboat


This drama is the untold tale of the man who built the Titanic.  J. Bruce Ismay, head of the White Star Line, was aboard the doomed ocean liner when it struck the iceberg. As the mighty ship began to sink, Ismay tried to save as many passengers as possible. At the last moment, he stepped into the last lifeboat – a decision that would haunt him for the rest of his life. The Last Lifeboat is a fast-paced, intense story about a good man forced to carry the guilt for the greatest tragedy of the century. This January, experience what history can’t forget from a perspective it never considered.


The Part(s) of … Played by:
J. Bruce Ismay Scott Pollak
Thomas Andrews, W. R. Hearst, and others Troy Lee
First Officer Murdoch, Dr. McGee, and others Ryan Hyle
J.P. Morgan, Captain Smith, and others Dave Olson
Chairman of the White Star Line, The Angry Man, and others Bob Sorrell
Thomas Ismay, The Reporter, and others Bill Bottomly
Vivian Pettiford, Dr. Grenfell, and others KC Pollak
Mrs. Florence Ismay, Madeline Astor, and others Felicia Sabartinelli
Mrs. Ryerson, Lady Peale, and others Mary Dietrich
Angela Kali Dietrich
Ismay’s Young Son, George Racyn Dunnagan
Sophie, Ismay’s Teenage Daughter, Evelyn Elizabeth Mueller

Directed by Ginny Spaven