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The Dresser – September 5, 2014
by Ronald Harwood

“The Dresser” is a wonder of a play. It is a comedy within a drama, a miracle of wit, history and satire that is populated with unforgettable characters. Two vie for your attention, leaving you to determine who is the hero and who is the villain. The play is guaranteed to keep you guessing, keep you in suspense and on edge, wondering “what next?” Tension, pathos, laughter and hubris, a combination of factors that will burn these characters into your memory and leave you contemplating their fates long after the play has ended.

Directed by Tony Ryan


Character Actor
Norman M. A. Smith
Her Ladyship Kathy Murdoch
Madge Margie Ferguson
Sir Peter Ambrose
Geoffrey Thornton Nick Hoppner
Mr. Oxenby Gary Hokit
Gloucester Greg Davidson
Kent Kevin Cohenour
Irene Jo Sanburg