by Topher Payne

September 2017


In this warm-hearted romantic comedy, Frank Garrett is caught completely of-guard when, his wife of 37 years, Jackie, announces she’s leaving. Her only explanation,“You don’t send me flowers.” Frank seeks solace and answers at the New York apartment of his son, Charlie, a video game designer.  When Charlie calls his sister, Claire, in a panic, he discovers Jackie has found refuge at Claire’s Connecticut home. Via a series of telephone conspiracies, the siblings join forces on a mission to get their parents back together – and more importantly, back in their own home. But complications arise when Frank is introduced to Rita, the lovely widow across the hall…

Directed by Scott Pollak, assisted by Ruth Jantzen


Charlie Garrett Alex Enriquez
Rita Randall KC Pollak
Frank Garrett Peter Ambrose
Claire Burnham Jody Larue
Bruce Burnham Chris Walsh
Jackie Garrett Kathy Murdoch