book by Peter Laurents and score by Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim

November 2017


West Side Story, winner of 10 Academy Awards, takes place in the Upper West Side neighborhood of New York City in the 1960’s where gang turf wars rage between the ethnically diverse Jets and the Sharks. Taken from the classic Romeo and Juliet, this dramatic musical weaves the tale of two lovers who cross battle lines to defy stereotypes and overcome prejudice and hatred. Beautifully crafted songs, dazzling dance numbers, choreographed fight scenes and witty dialogue masterfully guide the audience through the classic tale of forbidden love. A rival just may be the one to teach us how to love.

Directed by Lisa Rettiger


Tony Richard Fitzgerald*
Maria Jaime Walsh
Anita Loren Tipping
Bernardo Anthony Rodarte*
Riff Lee Congour
      Action Jordan Rediger
      Diesel Brandon Busby*
      Big Deal Luke Hatten
      A-Rab Ty Hostetler*
      Baby John Adam White
      Anybodys Keele Carver*
      Velma Elizabeth Mueller
      Graziella Susie Schulz*
      Minnie Shannon Rediger
      Chino Johan Campbell*
      Pepe Tony Ryan
      Rosalia Jamie Ila
      Francisca Shae Ila
      Consuela Eloisa Polito*
      Teresita Emmaline Taylor*
      Estella Veronica Hale*
      Margarita Cassie Beer*
      Additional boys Lisa Boffa*, Illiana Grennen*, Chris Walsh
Doc Steve Warner
Officer Krupke Bob Sorrell
Lt. Shrank Bob Dietrich
Glad Hand Charlie Gregg*
Live Chorus Sheristen James*, Bekah Love*, McKinley Nichols
Gym Dancers Joe Noll*, Michaela Gray*, Samantha Beer*, Julie Christy*, Scott Baadte