Auditions are usually held at the Magic Circle Theatre, unless otherwise posted. Experience is NOT necessary. All roles are open unless otherwise announced. Information packets with all information related to upcoming auditions can be picked up at the Magic Circle box office outside in the clear plastic cubby or can be found as a PDF in the Auditions schedule section on our website at least two weeks prior to auditions. Whether the audition is open to the public to observe or closed to just the directors and actors auditioning is up to the directors.

Current Auditions

Twentieth Century

by Ken Ludwig, November 2018


It is 1933, and Broadway director Oscar Jaffe is a bigger ham than most actors. When one of his discoveries, Lily Garland, rises to stardom and heeds the call of Hollywood, Oscar begins a career slide. When he chances to meet Lily again, on a train ride aboard the Twentieth Century Limited, Oscar pulls out all the stops to re-sign his former star. But Lily, who is as temperamental as Oscar, wants to have nothing to do with her former mentor. Oscar uses every scheme at his disposal to win back the movie star, both professionally and romantically. However Lily, along with her new beau, George and Jaffe’s rival producer, Max Jacobs, who hired Lily to star in his latest play, have other plans.

Directed by Scott Pollak


Sunday, July 22nd @ 2pm & Monday, July 23rd @ 6pm at Magic Circle Theatre

 CASTING: 8-10 males and 4+ females

 Reading samples to be used at the auditions are HERE

Call Backs

Following original audition dates, it is often necessary for directors to hold Call Backs to get a second look at an actor, hear another song selection, see how one would match-up with other actors, etc. A Call-Back does not mean that a specific actor is cast, but, it does indicate interest. Not being called back, does not necessarily mean that an actor is not cast.


Directors have their own vision in mind when casting their play, however, so much depends on what each individual actor brings to the audition in terms of preparation, commitment to the material, creativity and how they look. Each director has their way of notifying actors with regard to casting and they will inform actors at the auditions whether there will be a phone call and/or list posted outside the theater as well as on the website. Magic Circle Players strives to cast new faces and talent as much as possible, and we encourage anyone who is even a little bit intrigued about live theater to join the fun and audition for a show.

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